Liste der am Publicitor getätigten Änderungen. Betrachte oder erfasse Tickets hier:

2015-04-27 v1.2.3 nw
FIX           Fixed password reset mechanism.

2015-04-06 v1.2.2 nw
IMP           Changed email address to non-linked version.

2015-02-22 v1.2.1 nw
FIX           Fixed non-working role buttons.
FIX           Missing error flash styling.

2014-11-17 v1.2.0 nw
IMP           Introduced JSON path for last update: /c/<club>/last_update.json
IMP           Clubs now deactivatable.
IMP           Introduced new flag 'show on dashboard' for items. Default depends on item type.

2014-05-13 v1.1.1 nw
FIX           Some markup was still matching the old bootstrap version.
IMP           Added main page content.

2014-04-05 v1.1.0 nw
IMP           Upgraded various library versions. (E.g. bootstrap.)
IMP           Added JSON interface.
IMP           Introduced markdown as content markup.

2013-12-15 v1.0.11 nw
IMP           Dashboard settings: Number of entries set to 0 hides the dashboard part of the respective item type.
IMP           Dashboard: If no items of type are present, respective pane is not rendered.
IMP           Dashboard: Article titles now contain title tags.

2013-10-17 v1.0.10 nw
IMP   #32     Title of main page is not anymore 'dashboard'.
FIX   #7      Set timezone to CET.
IMP   #19     Fixtures are now also sorted by ending date.

2013-05-19 v1.0.9 nw
FIX   #13     Files are now sorted by upload, not by update.
FIX   #30     Unused categories (i.e. 'News', 'Files', etc.) are now hidden on the dashboard for visitors.

2013-04-28 v1.0.8 nw
FIX   #23     After an item edit, now always the respective item is displayed.
FIX   #26     Printing of fixtures improved a bit by introducing print media type style sheet.

2013-04-07 v1.0.7 nw
ADD   #27     Users can now affect public visibility of their profiles. By default, a profile is not visible.
FIX           Fixed checkbox for 'show email' in user profile edit page.

2013-04-01 v1.0.6 nw
ADD           Edit field now has button for title elements (h3).
FIX           Page title now contains title of current item.
FIX           Title of item detail is now increased from h3 to h2.

2013-03-24 v1.0.5 nw
ADD           Image items may now contain hyperlinks. 

2013-01-28 v1.0.4 nw
FIX           Fixed fixture issue on dashboard.

2013-01-19 v1.0.3 nw
FIX           Archive year selector only shows years containing entries.
FIX           Fixed various CSS bugs.
ADD           Introduced ical calendar export for fixtures.

2013-01-13 v1.0.2 nw
ADD           Introduced changelog.
ADD           Introduced large avatar image for user profile page.
ADD           Added settings for metatags keywords and description.